ACM-W Scholars 2018

Iresha Rubasinghe

My oral presentation held after as the 4th presentation under the session IV and I was quite friendly with the other co-presenters. I was capable of delivering it in an interesting way since the audience was so friendly including the session chair Prof. Dr Rashid Hussain from Hamdard University, Pakistan. I got two questions from […]

Vijini Mallawaarachchi

The 7th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications (ICSCA) was held during February 8th-10th, 2018 in Kuantan, Malaysia. Our research paper titled “Random Forest Classifier based Scheduler Optimization for Search Engine Web Crawlers” was accepted under the “Computer Science and Information Communication” session. This was the first time I attended an international research conference […]

Hafsa Zannat

  • MS Student
    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
    Attended WSDM 2018
    2018, Los Angeles, California, United States
Recently I have attended WSDM 2018, one of the premier conferences on Web Search and Data mining, which was held on Los Angeles, California. Though I didn’t submit any paper or poster on this conference, I couldn’t resist the chance of attending this conference which is closely related to my research area by obtaining the […]

Kaya Deuser

Attending AAAI-18 was an incredible opportunity. I was able to present my research, and the paper I had co-authored with Professor Naumov, in front of academics that were interested in similar fields as us and get their views on our work. Being able to present the result of my hard work and research was one […]

Ella Dagan Peled

Participating in the conference was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow inspiring colleagues. I met in person people whom I only read about before, and had meaningful and insightful conversations. I learned by watching what is expected of presenters while giving talks, and what kind of research-rigor is valued. By […]

Sweta Sharma

The conference offered me a great opportunity to interact with prestigious researchers in the area of AI and Machine Learning from all over the world. It provided me with an opportunity to learn about other state-of-art research in the area which assisted me to come up with a few new ideas relevant for my research. […]

Deborah Ooi

  • Undergraduate Student
    Universiti Sains Malaysia
    Attended Voice Conference 2018
    2018, Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt, Berlin, Germany
The first day of the conference was mostly focused on the application of Machine Learning in Business and expounding on the new area of interest which is Voice. The first keynote speaker spoke about how to design a persona for a certain brand. What I found interesting about what he said was that every voice […]

Jessica Echterhoff

  • Undergraduate Student
    Technical University Munich
    Attended ISWC
    2018, SIngapore, Singapore
I had an incredible experience meeting a lot of people in the field and connecting to potential PhD supervisors.

Ditty Mathew

ACM-W travel grant is a great support for women researchers to attend international conferences. This Travel Grant program has helped me in getting the much needed exposure to foster my knowledge and research experience during AI 2018. AI 2018 is the 31st Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence held in Wellington, , New Zealand between […]

Caterina Battisti

  • Undergraduate Student
    University of Trento
    Attended ISMAR 2018
    2018, Munich, Germany
My name is Caterina and ISMAR 2018 has been the first scientific conference I ever attended to. The opportunity to show and explain the work of my 3-months internship at FBK, “Seeamless bare-hand interaction in Mixed Reality”, to the AR/VR/MR community has been an invaluable experience for me. During the three days of conference, I […]

Margarita Markina

  • MS Student
    ITMO University
    Attended GECCO 2018
    2018, Kyoto, Japan
What did I get at the GECCO conference? It was a great experience. I could completely immerse myself in the research community and saw everything with my own eyes how exactly everything happens. I saw that the research community is a large group of people with deep knowledge who solves important problems. It was interesting […]

Shaan Chopra

The conference was far more than a learning experience for me. Not only did I get to attend the presentation of the full paper co-authored by me and 2 workshops (I had one position paper in each), but also got an opportunity to network with people in the field. I was completely mesmerised by the […]

Randa Elamin

I attended and presented my paper titled “Implementing Traceability Repositories as Graph Databases for Software Quality Improvement” at QRS 2018 – the 18th IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security that was held in Lisbon, Portugal. I had the opportunity of presenting in front of international researchers and answering questions related to my […]

Saumya Rawat

A jumble of nerves, for the first time truly alone in a foreign country with no known faces around, as I reached the conference I found myself thinking “Am I really doing this? Can I do it?” But merely 4 days later I didn’t want to say goodbye. MMM 2018 in Bangkok was a life […]

Yulia Zhiglova

I have attended TEI 2018 to present my research paper “The Interactive Carpet – smart textile Interface for Children on Autism Spectrum Disorder” which was published in the proceeding to the conference. Moreover, I had an opportunity to showcase my physical prototype of the “Interactive Carpet” (see image above) during the conference. I would like […]

Kshitija Taywade

  • PHD Student
    University of Kentucky
    Attended EUMAS 2018
    2018, Bergen, Norway
EUMAS 2018 was the first conference I attended to present a paper. Our paper “Decentralized Approach for Hedonic Games, Taywade et al.” was accepted at the conference for which I am the first author. This paper was my first conference paper as well. By attending this conference not only I got to present my paper […]