ACM-W Scholars 2018

Margarita Markina

  • MS Student
    ITMO University
    Attended GECCO 2018
    2018, Kyoto, Japan
What did I get at the GECCO conference? It was a great experience. I could completely immerse myself in the research community and saw everything with my own eyes how exactly everything happens. I saw that the research community is a large group of people with deep knowledge who solves important problems. It was interesting […]

Shaan Chopra

The conference was far more than a learning experience for me. Not only did I get to attend the presentation of the full paper co-authored by me and 2 workshops (I had one position paper in each), but also got an opportunity to network with people in the field. I was completely mesmerised by the […]

Saumya Rawat

A jumble of nerves, for the first time truly alone in a foreign country with no known faces around, as I reached the conference I found myself thinking “Am I really doing this? Can I do it?” But merely 4 days later and I didn’t want to say goodbye. MMM 2018 in Bangkok was a […]