Q: Can I apply for an ACM-W scholarship to attend Tapia or Grace Hopper?
A: No, both Tapia and Grace Hopper have dedicated scholarships programs.

Q: I am a recent graduate and I am no longer a student, can I apply for an ACM-W scholarship?
A: Unfortunately we can only sponsor students.

Q: My paper/poster has not been accepted for publication yet. Can I apply for an ACM-W scholarship?
A: Yes. You do not need to be presenting your work to qualify for an ACM-W scholarship. Even if your paper/poster is rejected or if you did not submit your work for publication at the meeting you can apply.

Q: My advisor forgot to submit the support letter. Can my application still be considered for an award?
A: No. Our review system displays complete applications, and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Q: I already got an ACM-W scholarship in the past. Can I apply again?
A: No. The ACM-W scholarship is a one time only award.

Q: I applied for an ACM-W scholarship in the past, but did not get one. Can I apply again?
A: Yes, you can apply as many times as you want as long as you are a woman student and you are interested in attending a research meeting in computing.

Post award

Q: My visa was not processed on time and I already registered/bought my ticket to attend the conference. Can I be refunded for the expenses even though I am not able to attend the meeting?
A: No. We can only refund students who attend the meeting for which the award was granted. If you need a visa you should apply for it with ample time, and you should not purchase tickets or incur in any other non-refundable expense before you know you can actually attend the meeting.

Q: The meeting I plan to attend is sponsored by an ACM SIG, will I get free registration?
A: Maybe. The SIGs are strong supporters of the ACM-W scholarships program and they offer a number of free registrations every year. The exact number of registration waivers depends on the SIGs and the specific conference. We will inform you if you were granted a registration waiver or not.

Q: I forgot to register and I missed the early-bird registration fee rate. Can I still get refunded?
A: We will refund you for the lowest rate available at the time of the award.

Q: We went out for dinner during the conference, and we drank some beers while discussing our work. Can I be refunded for that?
A: No, we will not refund you for alcoholic beverages.

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