Key Initiatives


ACM Celebrations of Women in Computing connect technical women who are working/studying within a particular geographical location – with locations that could be a single city, a state or group of states, a country, or several countries. These conferences build community and break down feelings of isolation. Our intention is to reach the broadest possible populations through an international network of self-sustaining small conferences, dovetailing when possible with ACM-W chapters.

Celebrating Technology Leaders

ACM-W Webinar Series

By highlighting successful technical women who are leading diverse careers in the technology industry, ACM-W’s new webinar series, “Celebrating Technology Leaders“, aims to inform students and early-career professionals about the multitude of career options open to them.

Upcoming Events and Recent Announcements

  • The 4th Summit on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC’22)
    by Alexia Giouroukou The 4th Summit on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC’22) took place in Thessaloniki on June 16th -17th, 2022. GEC’22 summit was opened with the welcome talks from Efstratios Stylianidis (Vice-Rector for Research and Lifelong Learning of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki) and Panagiota Fatourou (chair of the Greek ACM-W Chapter). The first keynote […]
  • ACM-W Webinar Demystifies Blockchain Technology: What’s the big deal?
    Blockchain technology is a mysterious topic for many. Is it a network? A database? A cryptography algorithm? Is it the same as cryptocurrency? In episode 10 of “ACM-W Celebrating Technology Leaders,” we aimed to demystify blockchain technology with the help of leading women technologists in the field.  The panellists for this session were:  ♦ Lisa […]