Ditty Mathew

ACM-W travel grant is a great support for women researchers to attend international conferences. This Travel Grant program has helped me in getting the much needed exposure to foster my knowledge and research experience during AI 2018. AI 2018 is the 31st Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence held in Wellington, , New Zealand between December 11-14, 2018. My paper co-authored with my supervisor Dr. Sutanu Chakraborti, titled “Towards Compiling Textbooks from Wikipedia” is presented during the conference. I am very excited that my paper was well received by the elite audience at AI 2018. As a PhD student, this conference helped me to get the much needed exposure of how researchers, experiment, sometimes fail and then succeed, and finally celebrate their work impacting the society at conferences. The conference also, gave me an opportunity to interact with students pursuing PhD and Professors. Thanks to the insightful conversations I had with them, I have now come to hold the life of a researcher in the highest regard and awe; it consolidated my desire to do research. My travel and stay in Wellington also gave me an opportunity to mingle with diverse collection of people of varied ethnicity, culture and conduct. Thanks to ACM for being a firm supporter and allowing me to be a part of the legacy of being the recipient of ACM-W Travel Grant.