Iresha Rubasinghe

My oral presentation held after as the 4th presentation under the session IV and I was quite friendly with the other co-presenters. I was capable of delivering it in an interesting way since the audience was so friendly including the session chair Prof. Dr Rashid Hussain from Hamdard University, Pakistan. I got two questions from the audience by one of the lecturers in an Indian university and from the session chair. I was able to provide them detailed and acceptable answers and received compliments from two people from the audience for the presentation skills. The conference dinner was a great opportunity to network with other researchers, to know the technologies and facilities they use for research works. Also they offered us a certificate of participation. Moreover, the Singapore technology and their way of living, was a breath-taking and an unforgettable experience. I was really inspired by their innovativeness and thoughtfulness by being a part of this conference. The knowledge and experience I gained by this conference participation was immensely helpful in continuing my ongoing research. Mainly, the use of Machine Leaning in establishing traceability could be identified. Thus, the two major areas Software Engineering and Machine Learning can be combined together in a useful manner.