Randa Elamin

I attended and presented my paper titled “Implementing Traceability Repositories as Graph Databases for Software Quality Improvement” at QRS 2018 – the 18th IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security that was held in Lisbon, Portugal. I had the opportunity of presenting in front of international researchers and answering questions related to my work. I really enjoyed the stimulating discussions that resulted after my session in which I exchanged experience and ideas with other researchers whose research intersects with my topic. I was eager to attend all sessions that were related to software and source code traceability to understand the current research trends and generate ideas that may benefit my work through discussions with presenters and attendees. An unbelievable moment that I will never forget was my chance to meet and speak to Prof Barry Boehm, a pioneer in software engineering research. Attending this conference gave me a confidence boost to complete the rest of my research. I am grateful to ACM-W for selecting me for this scholarship and providing an amazing opportunity to attend and participate in QRS 2018.