Mission Statement

ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, providing a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.

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Our Corporate Supporters

We are very grateful for the support of several corporate sponsors. At present, ACM-W has funding from Oracle (through Oracle Academy), Microsoft Research, and Google for our scholarships, from Google for the Athena Lecturer Award, and continuing support from Microsoft Research for the Celebrations and for community college related activities. Thanks to their generosity in helping us to support, celebrate and advocate for women in computing.

Letter from ACM-W chair

December, for many, brings the end of a semester and all of the busyness that goes with it. As we look forward to a bit of a respite in the coming few weeks, we have reports on some late semester activity in several of our projects. First, there is a report from the Ada Lovelace Celebration, held in Uppsala, Sweden in November. The Student Chapters report highlights an inter-campus networking event made possible by a chapter networking award. Finally, We have a report from ACM-W Europe.

In the November issue of Connections, I promised the announcement of our newest ACM-W project that “is not to be missed.”  That might have been a bit of an overstatement, but we are definitely excited about this latest endeavor.

ACM-W Launches the Professional Chapters Project

Professional chapters are not new to ACM or even ACM-W.  But to date, there are only five ACM-W Professional Chapters globally (and all happen to be in Europe).  Our Student Chapters project has grown to over 190 chapters, with most of that growth occurring in the last three years.  As the students who participate in these chapters graduate, having an ACM-W Professional Chapter to associate with would be a great next level of support.  We would love to see ACM-W Professional Chapters created in many locations all over the world over the next few years.

In order to be able to realize this vision, the ACM-W Council has added two new members that will lead the project:

  • Rachelle Kristof Hippler is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH, and brings numerous years of experience in both academia and industry to the project.  Rachelle has previously been a member of the Celebrations Committee for several years.

  • Laura Spencer holds the position of Development Release Manager in the Software Engineering division of Ultimate Software, a Florida based company that was recently ranked the #2 Best Workplace for Women by Fortune.  This is Laura’s first position in ACM-W and we look forward to seeing how her valuable perspective helps the project takes shape.

We welcome Rachelle and Laura to the ACM-W Council and look forward to working with them.  In the January edition of Connections, Rachelle and Laura will share their vision for the Professional Chapters project.

Thanks for standing with us as we work to fulfill our mission.

Jodi Tims
ACM-W Chair

What’s NEW

womENcourage 2017: Amazing, inspiring and fun!

A big highlight this year is the generosity of our supporters SIGOPS, SIGCHI, HP, Accenture, Intel, Google, Oracle Academy, Bloomberg, Sopra Steria, Informatics Europe, Microsoft, Everis, Inria, Thoughtworks, Amazon Development Center, InfomaTICS. Their generosity allowed us to grant seventy-two Travel Scholarships to participants from 19 different countries. The scholarship participants pay it forward by volunteering their helping hands to keep the event running smoothly. Working together we are able to make this happen.

We began by getting warmed up with a hackathon. Supported by Intel, the 60 participants were quite busy the opening day creating prototypes from the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kits that Intel provided, resulting in 10 demonstrated projects targeted at improving the local environment. We heard that they liked being able to collaborate and learn new things (hardware), they enjoyed the team spirit and building new relationships.

Workshops and the career fair filled the second day of the event. Seven different workshops offered many opportunities, for example a CodeCon workshop presented by Bloomberg, or about the Greenfoot development environment which can be used in teaching? Accenture presented the workshop ‘From personalization to data and beyond, where ACM delivered a Celebrations of Women in Computing workshop and Women in HPC presented an introduction to HPC programming.

Following the workshops, HP, Accenture, Google, Oracle Academy, Bloomberg, Sopra Steria, Everis,Thoughtworks, and Amazon Development Center, as well as the HIPEAC Jobs portal participated in the Career Fair. The attendees were keen to speak with the company representatives and to find out about job opportunities and internships at each of the companies. The friendly discussions with the company representatives informed the attendees about jobs and careers. Learning directly from the source on what might be a great career path.

Seventy-four posters were available during the poster session times. The diversity, number of topics and depth of each of the research topics provided the opportunity to connect through common interests. Each of the posters as well as their abstracts will be posted here.

It’s difficult to sum up in a few words the entire day on Friday. Two hundred and six attendees from 31 different countries attended over the 3 days. We hear from the participants that it was amazing, inspiring, and fun. Here are a few examples of the great final day of womENcourage 2017.

Why You Should Join ACM-W

If you think it is important to recruit and retain as many women as possible in the computing field, you should join ACM-W! Together, we will help celebrate, inform and support women in computing:

  • Celebrate: One of the most popular ways to celebrate women in computing is by starting and/or attending an ACM-W Celebration of Women in Computing; the accomplishments of women in computing are at the heart of ACM-W’s e-Newsletter. And ACM-W encourages its members to celebrate the work of prominent women by nominating them for Awards — such as the Athena Award & Lecture — as well as ACM Advanced Grade Membership.
  • Inform: Via ACM-W’s student scholarship program, young women are informed about the research going on, and become acquainted with the researchers, in their field. Members of ACM-W Student Chapters are informed about the educational and career opportunities available to them.
  • Support: Lend your enthusiasm, inspiration, and support to ACM-W, and help make a difference in the global computing community!

When you join ACM, or renew your membership, check the box for ACM-W. You will be added to our email list and receive our ACM-W Connection newsletter.