Caterina Battisti

  • Undergraduate Student
    University of Trento
    Attended ISMAR 2018
    2018, Munich, Germany

My name is Caterina and ISMAR 2018 has been the first scientific conference I ever attended to. The opportunity to show and explain the work of my 3-months internship at FBK, “Seeamless bare-hand interaction in Mixed Reality”, to the AR/VR/MR community has been an invaluable experience for me. During the three days of conference, I was able to attend several paper presentations regarding the Mixed/Augmented reality world. The experts presenting their work were really professional and inspiring and I feel like I learned a lot from them. I also had the chance to step on stage and pitch my work. A very short time to catch the audience attention and convince them to check out my poster. I was really excited about seeing how many people were interested in hearing about the details of how I achieved the results of my work. I was able to collect opinions of people from all around the world, see their point of view, their impressions and reactions to my work. The most precious moment was seeing the amazed looks of people trying out the simple demo I prepared and set up next to the poster. Even coffee breaks have been an important part of the experience. I was able to talk to researchers and experts and discuss about how they got so far in their career. This was of great inspiration for my own professional career as I was constantly thinking about my future and how much is waiting for me. This experience as a whole was a deep dive into research, future, innovation, inspiration.