Volume 4

  • Winter 2013 In this issue, we continue our informative Ask Judy column by the 2011 ACM-W Athena Lecturer, Judy Olson. We also have a special invited columnist, Robin Jeffries, who reflects on her 12 years as Her Systers’ Keeper for the popular Systers mailing list. In addition, we highlight articles that will appeal to everyone at all levels in their career—from undergraduates looking at how to select an REU or graduate school to women wondering how they can balance life and career without getting burned out.
  • Summer 2012 In this issue, ACM-W community members share experience articles that range from stories about how to overcome challenges in computing careers to challenging institutional inequalities to teaching collaborative learning. We also have an informative “Ask Judy” guest column where the 2011 ACM-W Athena Lecturer, Judy Olson, answers questions from the ACM-W community. We conclude with an update from the first regional workshop on Women in Computing in the Arab World.

Volume 3

  • Summer 2011 The issue highlights how women work through issues during all stages of their careers – high school girls pursuing computer science; first-year undergraduates doing research; two generations comparing their undergraduate engineering experience; graduate students surviving their first year of grad school; junior faculty balancing career with motherhood; artists finding technically competent collaborators; and women of a certain age planning for new technology opportunities. In addition, we feature the representation of women in Spain working in IT fields. We also provide a brief update of the Computing Educators Oral History Project.
  • Winter 2011 In this issue we begin a dialogue about having children while pursuing careers in computing. We also provide updates on undergraduate research opportunities, regional celebrations, relevant gender and computing related publications, and upcoming deadlines. Finally, we highlight two ACM-W student chapters – a well established chapter and a new chapter.

Volume 2

  • Summer 2009 In this issue we highlight another of the ACM-W Executive Board members, Barbara Grosz, who was awarded the ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award at this year’s ACM Award Banquet. Her interview will give you some insights into this extraordinary woman and why we are so pleased to have her working with us. We also have reports on efforts to expand our impact internationally, a recent ACM-W regional conference, news about members of one of our student chapters, recent awards, and much more.

Volume 1

  • Spring 2009 This issue introduces the new ACM-W Executive Board, and includes an interview with one of the members, Dr. Gloria Childress Townsend. Articles include a spotlight on a new project, a major award to one of our leaders, and notes on activities from communities and our ambassadors. Finally, be sure to read about Ada Lovelace Day, March 24, and what you can do to celebrate.
  • Winter 2008/9 The third issue features exciting announcements and developments in the ACM-W. As Chair Elaine Weyuker explains, “Welcome to the first issue of the new ACM Women’s Council Newsletter. If we sound a lot like ACM-W, we are the same group only better.” There are also reports from the ACMW Ambassadors; the scholarship project, student chapters in Utah and Turkey, regional celebrations, a MentorNet story and a new project to encourage more recognition of women. There are also awards, and a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Fall 2008 This second issue features an interview with the new ACM president, Wendy Hall. Articles include an update on the Computing Educators Oral History Project (CEOHP) and a new feature, ‘Tales from the Career Front’. There are also exciting reports from the UK and Brazil, celebrations, awards, and a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Summer 2008 This is the inaugural issue. Meet Fran Allen, first woman recipient of the Turing Award. Read the latest updates on reional celebrations, student chapters, and ambassadors. Learn about the ACM-W Student Scholarships for conferences project, and celebrate the accomplishments of some of our members.