Above and Beyond

ACM-W scholarships provide support for women undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and related programs to attend computing research conferences.

The Above and Beyond Project aims to follow up on the historical scholarship data since its inception in 2006 to do a longitudinal assessment of the impact of the scholarship on the educational trajectory and career path of our scholars.

★ Scholarship Winner Highlight

Julita Inca Chiroque, 2012 Recipient

Peru · Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Julita Inca Chiroque has a high profile in High-Performance Computing and participated in the trailer of ISC 2023, the HPC Conference, along with the most experienced HPC authorities around the world.

“I was able to be a leader in my community, and in my role as an ambassador, for the part of the world from where I come.”

Featured Recipients

  • Celebrating the Evolution of ACM-W Scholarships: Empowering Women in Computing

    Project team: Collaborators:  ACM-W scholarships have been instrumental in providing crucial support for women in computer science and related fields, enabling them to attend pivotal computing research conferences. These scholarships have not only paved the way for educational growth but also fostered diverse and impactful careers. Join us as we explore in this article the…

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  • Above and Beyond Scholarship – Hsiu-Chin Lin

    Year of Scholarship and Conference Attendance: 2008 Country of Origin: Taiwan Country of residence at the time of receiving the ACM-W Scholarship: USA Hsiu-Chin Lin is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University. Her research spans model-based control, optimization, and machine learning for manipulators…

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  • Above and Beyond Scholarship – Adriana Wilde, PhD

    Year of Scholarship and Conference Attendance: ICST 2013 7th International Conference on Sensing Technology​​ Country of Origin: Venezuela Country of residence at the time of receiving the ACM-W Scholarship: United Kingdom Dr Adriana Wilde charted a very unconventional career path over the years. Her background is multidisciplinary but with a strong dual interest in education and technology. Following…

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