Kshitija Taywade

  • PHD Student
    University of Kentucky
    Attended EUMAS 2018
    2018, Bergen, Norway

EUMAS 2018 was the first conference I attended to present a paper. Our paper “Decentralized Approach for Hedonic Games, Taywade et al.” was accepted at the conference for which I am the first author. This paper was my first conference paper as well. By attending this conference not only I got to present my paper but also I got the chance to meet with other paper who work in the same area of multi-agent systems. I found most of the work presented in the conference interesting and I got to ask questions to the presenters and also I could talk to them in person about their work. In the conference, there were talks covering every aspect involved in multi-agents systems which was helpful to me to get the overall picture of whole field and what the different areas other people are working on.