Hafsa Zannat

  • MS Student
    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
    Attended WSDM 2018
    2018, Los Angeles, California, United States

Recently I have attended WSDM 2018, one of the premier conferences on Web Search and Data mining, which was held on Los Angeles, California. Though I didn’t submit any paper or poster on this conference, I couldn’t resist the chance of attending this conference which is closely related to my research area by obtaining the ACM-W scholarship of this year. By attending this conference, I got to meet and interact with many renowned researchers from both academia and industry of this field and with some similar minded peoples from the research field of my interest. During the conference days, I have tried to attend most of the sessions. Among them, from the session entitled “Matrix Factorization and Recommender Systems”, I have got most useful insights on my current research work as part of my M.Sc. thesis. After returning from this conference I can say that, it helped me a lot to enhance my perspective on my current research work. Apart from these, I am grateful to SIG for providing me an outstanding mentor Hui Fang, Associate Professor, Department of ECE, University of Delaware. She shared with me some most valuable and thoughtful thinking’s of her regarding being a female researcher, which will definitely help me in shaping my career in future. She also helped me on how to find a particular topic and get focused on it to do further research.