Amani Abusafia

  • PHD Student
    The University of Sydney
    Attended ICSOC 2022
    2022, Sevilla, Spain

At the recent International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC), I had the remarkable opportunity to present my research and demo paper, thanks to the generous funding from the ACM-W Scholarship Award. My first paper introduced a QoE-aware framework for efficiently crowdsourcing IoT energy services, which aims to maximize consumer satisfaction by utilizing novel composition algorithms. The second, a demo paper, focused on demonstrating peer-to-peer wireless energy services sharing between smartphones over a distance, incorporating state-of-the-art power transfer technology and a mobile application for seamless communication. The conference proved to be an incredible experience, as numerous attendees visited my booth, engaging in thought-provoking discussions about my research. This invaluable opportunity not only allowed me to showcase my work to a diverse audience but also connected me with fellow researchers and experts, providing insights that will undoubtedly propel my research and career forward in the ever-evolving field of IoT and wireless energy transfer.