ACM-W Scholars 2021

Sasha Hussain

I had an amazing experience where I got to learn more about the field of Cybersecurity and network with women who are established in the field. I got to meet fellow undergrads who are continuing to navigate the arena. I got a resume review and career advice, along with internship opportunities.

Hetvi Jethwani

GECCO-2021 was the first conference I’ve ever presented at, and it is an experience I’ll always cherish- I am grateful to the ACM-W Scholarship and Google for enabling me to attend it! In spite of it being online-only, it was a lot of fun. The talks I attended were very accessible and everyone was receptive […]

Giorgia Nadizar

Thanks to ACM-W I got the invaluable chance of attending Gecco 2021. Even though the conference was online only, I really had a blast and cherished every second. Having the opportunity to attend fascinating paper presentations and tutorials in the field of Evolutionary Computation has really been eye-opening to me. Not only have I learnt […]