Yan Yan Cao

I have attended the art exhibition track of TEI conference held at Stanford University from Jan 15-19th 2015, to present my prototype Scented Pebbles (https://vimeo.com/110558914). As PhD student in final years, it is really good opportunity to meet with people from the same research area Computer Human Interaction and have face to face interactions with the scholars known previously only in paper. The exhibition is successful and connections are built throughout the exhibition experience with researchers from universities around the world. I have previously studied in NYU in New York, and therefore going to a conference held in US also reconnect me with my professor and alumni who were presenting at the conference. And it brought back the community ties. It also helps me to anchor my research in the right direction for my final year presentation and definitely gave me confidence to present my PhD proposal to my professor back in my home institution. I definitely would recommend the sponsorship program to other female student and researchers in this area.