Viviane Herdel

For CHI 2022, I had a full paper accepted as a first author which received an honorable mention award. The paper title is “Above and Beyond: A Scoping Review of Domains and Applications for Human-Drone Interaction”. In this project, we present a holistic view of domains and applications of use that are described, studied, and envisioned in the Human-Drone Interaction body of work.

It was my first conference in person as I started my Ph.D. during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was very nervous and excited to finally meet my research community and present my work. It was great to experience how many people were excited about our paper and to receive interesting feedback and invitations to collaborate in the future.

Attending CHI 2022 had a huge impact on my Ph.D. career (way more than I thought at the beginning!) and I am thankful that I have been part of this conference. Besides the interesting talks, workshops, and courses, it offered a great opportunity for me to network with other students and amazing researchers from both academia and industry. I am indefinitely grateful to be welcomed so warmly by my research community, for the new friendships, and the opportunities for the future.

At the end of CHI, I even had the chance to be interviewed for a UX research internship in person and get to know the team in advance. A few days later, I received the internship offer, which made my CHI experience unforgettable.