Sonal Aggarwal

Attending 4th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS) was a good learning experience. And I am thankful to the ACM-W scholarship committee for providing me the travel grant. Apart from presenting my work on web navigation and getting useful feedback, I also got to know about more interesting topics in the relevant area.
The keynote lectures were really inspiring. First keynote was given by Jem Rayfield on the use of semantic technology for publishing dynamic data on the web. The talk gave a good overview of the architectural details. Second keynote by Athena Vakali was related to data mining and semantic analysis of social network was good. Its real-world applications like trend detection make it quite inspiring to work on. Third keynote was on the sources (like mobile phone calls record) and management of Big data.
Other presentations covered a wide area of research. Few of them which I found interesting are as follows – Comparison study of Semantic search engines: Sigma and Kngine. These search engines can have advantage over the normal search engines. Another presentation was on issues related to Multi-level search and questions having multiple correct answers.
A talk on term-impact based web page ranking was given. This relates to my current work on credibility of websites. Another talk was on crawling of blogs and creating a repository. Talks on usage of semantics in providing location based services and geofencing were also good.
Overall attending WIMS was really useful for me and it gives me future direction for my research work.