Sanorita Dey

I attended CSCW, 2017 to present my paper titled “The Art and Science of Persuasion: Not all Crowdfunding Campaign Videos are the Same”. This was a wonderful experience for me to share my research findings with the CSCW community. I got to talk to many faculties and people from the industries about my work. These discussions helped me to gain new insight into my work. I also received some new research directions through these discussions. Especially, by attending the session about crowdfunding, I got to know how researchers are approaching crowdfunding from different perspectives like enterprise crowdfunding, medical crowdfunding, community spaces like Makerspace and so on to reveal prospects overall in the domain of crowdfunding.

I also attended other presentations during the conference. It gave me the opportunity to know the breadth of the research work conducted in CSCW community. For example, I attended a session called ‘Teens & Children’ in which I learned different research directions about how teenagers’ interaction with their parents can mitigate the risk of cyber threats in the first place. Another interesting session was about ‘Crowdsourcing’. One specific paper worth discussing from this session was the initiative to make crowd-workers write creative articles. This talk was interesting to me because it showed scientifically that crowd workers can be employed for complex intelligent tasks. I believe that this will help me design my future studies better.

Overall, it was a nice experience from my perspective. Also, I would like to take the opportunity to thank ACM-W for selecting me as a recipient of this scholarship. Without this scholarship, it would be really hard for me to arrange funding for my trip.