Sangita Dhara

As I am pursuing my Ph.D. on protocol development for deep space network, this conference was especially relevant to my area of research interest and therefore, attending this conference serves several academic purposes. I got the opportunity to network with other experts around the globe, specially from JPL, NASA. I presented my paper in front of the scientists and researchers who are actually the pioneers of this field. They are very much interested about my work and few of them want to do some extended work in collaboration with me.  Overall, I also got some ideas about the future direction of my work. Furthermore, as my work is also related to a project of Indian Space research Organization (ISRO),  I will also get a chance to introduce the research-advancement of India in the area of space networking in front of the scientists of other space agencies with same interest. Besides, I got the opportunity to listen about the recent advancement of space networking from all other experts of JPL, NASA and many more.