Roisatul Azizah

  • MS Student
    Informatics and Media, Uppsala University
    Attended CHI 2019
    2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom

It was the biggest and impressive conference I have ever attended. Thanks to ACM-W for this wonderful chance to meet and be part of the CHI community. I met a bunch of inspiring people, lucky to have a talk with some of them. I was also able to participate in the UX Practitioners Event and learn a lot more about UX from both perspectives of academicians and practitioners.

More than that, I was intrigued by one of the talks from Oxford University’s Department of Computer Science, I just noticed that they have a team of Social Machine Project which I have never thought of before. They discuss self-control in cyberspace. I want to dig more about this topic which related to one of my study projects regarding persuasive technology to support mini learning. This topic also reminds me of one of the discussions about multimodal interaction in an online learning context which I never thought of to be an interesting research activity with useful finding. I like online classes and want to be part of the researcher to improve the experience within the study through this platform. Another talk about social justice also opens my eyes to a new perspective of algorithm design, the develop an algorithm to bridge the gap between high-level policy and on-the-ground decisions. By learning from street-level bureaucracies, they developed a theory of Street-Level Algorithm. With this starting point from the CHI community, I wish to enhance my participation in the near future.

I also met an Indonesian representative for SIGCHI Local Chapters which I believe open a wider opportunity to engage in the CHI community after my graduation (currently, I’m finishing my master thesis in Human-Computer Interaction, Uppsala University). They even offer me some great job vacancy in a research-related position. Having said that, so much worthy experience I would love to thank my great mentor, Anke Brock, and thanks to ACM-W Scholarship for the great chance.