Rezvaneh Rezapour

CSCW is one of the most prestigious ACM conferences and is where many talented people from academia and industry present their research and new findings. As a second year Ph.D. student, having a paper accepted at this conference and being given the chance to meet and network with well-known researchers and faculty from top universities was an honor. This unique opportunity allowed me to learn more about their areas of interest, new methods, and recent developments in various research fields. More importantly, I was able to meet and talk with many outstanding female researchers working in the area of human-computer interaction, crowdsourcing, and social computing. After presenting my work, I received valuable feedback from attendees regarding how to improve and expand my research. In addition, I spoke with several people from industry and learned how my work is received in different sectors. I also had the chance to meet other Ph.D. students. During our time together, we discussed our work and the challenges that we all have experienced throughout our academic journeys. I am so grateful to ACM-W for supporting and enabling me (and other women) to attend these valuable and informative conferences.