Lisa Kopf

  • PHD Student
    Michigan State University
    Attended Wireless Health 2015
    2015, Bethesda, MD (NIH Campus), Maryland, United States

I want to thank the ACM-W scholarship committee for supporting my travel to Bethesda, MD to attend Wireless Health 2015.

I am a doctoral candidate in communicative sciences and disorders, and my primary interest is in the area of voice disorders. My presentation, “Videos Influence Behavior Change Measures for Voice and Speech in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease,” was an opportunity to showcase my integrated research perspective to the mobile health community.

My experience at Wireless Health was great! This conference is a wonderful mix of people working in the healthcare field and people working in mobile health technology- and I fit right in. I had the opportunity to talk with many conference attendees, and received a lot of positive feedback on my research path.