Chen Qi

During 15-19 July 2017, I attended the genetic and evolutionary computation conference (GECCO 2017), which was held in Berlin, Germany. GECCO is one of the leading event in the field of computer intelligence. It receives more than 600 registration over 70 countries and attracts so many top researchers in the field to attend it. In GECCO, a number of keynotes, plenary speeches and tutorials have been given by top-notch scholars covering a huge spectrum of research topics on evolutionary computation. The top scholars present their newest research finding and brainstorm future directions of the field. Listening to these speeches is extremely valuable. In the conference, a number of presentations were given. Listening to these presentations and asking questions informs me of what other researchers are doing in my field (sometimes it is more clear than their papers) and obtain new insight in the field of EC. In addition, in the poster session, I also presented my work accepted by GECCO, which is “New geometric semantic operators in genetic programming: perpendicular crossover and random segment mutation”. By presenting my work in GECCO, and discussed with many colleagues in our community, I learn a lot. Since I can see clearly what confused people and received suggestions and ideas from my colleagues (including some big names in the field). These hall conversation sometimes can be even more fruitful than doing research by your own for a long time.