Anushka Bhandari

  • Undergraduate Student
    IIIT Delhi, India
    Attended CSCW 2019
    2019, Austin, Texas, United States

Over the past one and a half years I have been working in the field of Human Computer Interaction for social causes mainly on how technology can be tapped to improve the education of the underprivileged people involved in the Health Sector. My work mainly revolved around developing systems for the Community Health Workers in India to enhance their learning and thus improve the health sector. I was involved in this work through Melange Lab at IIIT Delhi where I worked with a PhD Student (Deepika Yadav) and my professor (Dr Pushpendra Singh). Our work got accepted at CSCW 2019 held at Austin Texas. Thanks to ACM-W Scholarship I got the funds to travel to the venue and co-present the work in-front of diverse set of researchers and professionals from some top companies in the world. This was my first time outside India and first Academic Conference as well , I was extremely excited and nervous at the same time. I also had a Workshop Paper accepted at the conference which was on Ethics in AI in Computer Vision Systems. The conference started on 9th November with the same workshop wherein I was the only participant currently in undergraduate program. After that the first day ended with a networking event where I met with people from all over the world – USA, Europe , Bangladesh, China , Korea , London. My interactions with them made me realise how people of different cultures have similar research perspective and how important it is to know about their varied perspectives and research methods for making sustainable and unbiased systems. CSCW had a varied range of sessions and events : workshops , paper presentations , doctoral consortium , poster presentations , panels etc. I got the chance to attend the Diversity and Inclusion Lunch as well wherein I interacted with leading researchers whose underlying research and scholarly work contributes to Diversity & Inclusion. Being the Creative Head of WiMLDS (Women In Machine Learning and Data Science) Delhi Chapter, I was able to make a lot of contacts ready to conduct Webinars and sessions for the WiMLDS Delhi community. After the workshop days, the Conference started with a keynote by Google’s PAIR(People + AI Research) initiative, which was followed by paper presentations all day with delicious snack breaks in between. On 12th Nov it was our presentation early in the morning which was followed by answering the questions from people following our work. We received valuable suggestions and improvements we will incorporate into our next edition of this work. CSCW also arranged a dinner banquet on the last night of the conference . I met many renowned professors there and discussed about my prospects in higher studies. I also got the chance to network with product managers and senior researchers of many big companies who introduced me to the research positions at their companies. Apart from the conference I also got to explore Austin and enjoy the Texan Culture in the week I spent there. It was the most memorable experience of my life 🙂