Announcing the New ACM-W “Above and Beyond Scholarship” project

We are delighted to introduce “Above and Beyond Scholarship”, a special project focused on the ACM-W Scholarships Program. The ACM-W Scholarships provide support for women undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science and related programs to attend computing research conferences.  The project aims to follow up on the historical scholarship data since its inception in 2006 to do a potential longitudinal assessment of the impact of the scholarship on the educational trajectory and career path of our scholars.

The project team worked very hard to reach out to approximately 400 scholars, and with a 40% return rate, the team was blown away by the success stories shared with them.  So, we are starting an interview series, “Above and Beyond Scholarship”, where we will share and celebrate the individual success stories of our scholars. We will be publishing these stories on our ACM-W website, social media channels, and also the ACM-W newsletter. 

Listen from Dr Bushra Anjum, Dr Viviana Bono, and Sharon Kang about how they brought this project to life. 

And stay tuned!

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