Robin Brewer

  • PHD Student
    Northwestern University, USA
    Attended CSCW
    2015, Vancouver, Canada

I greatly enjoyed my conference experience at the ACM conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing. It was my second time attending CSCW while in graduate school and was proud that I could come and be such an active participant. For the first two days, I participated in the workshop on Networked Privacy. I discussed my paper on Understanding How to Care for Aging Generations Online with the other attendees and left with future collaborators at other universities for understanding networked privacy across different cultural aspects (e.g. age, race, gender). We are also thinking of submitting another workshop proposal on this topic. Feel free to read my blog post on the workshop. I was a student volunteer throughout the conference and was able to meet other students at different stages in their PhD programs. It was reassuring to know that we share similar lifestyles and experience similar difficulties in graduate school. On the first day of the conference (after the workshops), I presented my poster on Pinteresce: Exploring Reminiscence as an Incentive to Digital Reciprocity for Older Adults. At the poster session I talked to many students and faculty, and left with contacts who are interested in 1) mentoring me and my co-author as we continue this project in the future or 2) able to provide contacts at Pinterest to help us develop our prototype. Overall, I appreciate ACM-W for providing me the opportunity to attend this conference and present my work, as it is something I would not have been able to afford otherwise.