Be a part of a global community

There are hundreds of ACM-W chapters with 70,000+ members worldwide. Be a part of a global community that advocates, supports and celebrates women in computing.

ACM-W Student Chapters and ACM-W Professional Chapters connect you with a local community that can provide support for your academic and professional career.

Why Should You Start an ACM-W Chapter?


  • Connect and support with local peers and mentors
  • Guidance and resources from the global ACM community
  • Regional Celebrations of Women in Computing
  • Broaden participation in computing

For more information and ideas, check out: How to Create and Sustain a Women in Computing Group on Your Campus (co-developed with the NCWIT).

Why Should You Start an ACM-W Professional Chapter?

Only 25% of the computing workforce are women, and less than 10% are women of color. (

ACM-W Professional ACM-W Chapters help retain and support women in the computing workforce.