Welcoming Suzhou ACM-W Professional Chapter

Top Row: Yilin Pan (Chapter Member), Haiyang Zhang (Membership Chair), Yunzhe Wang (Secretary); Middle Row: Lin Lin (Treasurer), Jia Wang (Vice Chair), Feng Cheng (Chapter Member);  Bottom Row:, Yao Lyu (Chapter Member), Qian Zhen (Chapter Member), Nan Xiang (Chair)

As we celebrate the establishment of the new ACM-W professional chapter, we are all  thrilled to envision what lies ahead for the founders and members in the coming year. The Vice Chair Jia Wang (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University) reflects, “This new chapter not only symbolizes a fresh beginning but also presents a platform for growth, learning, and empowerment within our community”.

The Chair Nan Xiang (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University) considers ACM-W is an amazing platform that supports the development of women in computing. Throughout his career, he has worked with many outstanding women whose talents have often left me in awe. He believes that with the platform provided by the chapter, the chapter has the opportunity and responsibility to offer more help and support to women. He also believes the chapter will be instrumental in promoting the interaction among local researchers and building a bridge between researchers in Suzhou and those around the world. 

The chapter brings together a capable and enthusiastic team from different universities. Both Membership Chair, Haiyang Zhang (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University) and Lin Lin (Tsinghua University), who will be serving the chapter as the treasurer, expressed that they are honored to be part of an organization that champions the advancement and representation of women in the field of computer science. 

This is indeed truly an exciting time for their chapter members. The chapter members can look forward to a year of cultivating a supportive environment where all members can thrive. Yunzhe Wang (Suzhou University of Science and Technology), is the chapter’s secretary, and explained they are dedicated to empowering women in tech through mentorship, diversity, and community building. This year, members can look forward to engaging events, workshops, hackathons, structured mentorship programs, and numerous networking opportunities. The chapter will also host guest speakers and panel discussions, fostering professional development and collaboration. Qian Zhen, a Chapter Member from Suzhou University of Science and Technology, said: “ We will work on creating a supportive community and advancing professional growth.”

Their collective efforts will surely advance the cause of women in computing, fostering inclusivity and innovation. The chapter is also eager to collaborate on projects that challenge them to make a significant impact in the field and their professional lives. 

We wish them success in their new journey!

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