Shreya Shukla

I am grateful to the ACM-W Scholarship Committee for their generous support towards my travel to the 17th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR) 2023 held in San José, California. This was my first conference as an undergraduate student, and it was an invaluable opportunity for me to learn and grow as a researcher. I presented my research work titled “Towards Making Flowchart Images Machine Interpretable” to the ICDAR community. My work was well-received, and I had many stimulating discussions with other researchers and domain experts about the future prospects of this work. In addition to my research presentation, I also attended a number of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, workshops, and tutorials. These sessions gave me a comprehensive overview of the latest research and future directions in document recognition and reasoning. I also had the invaluable opportunity to network with professors, doctoral students, and industry researchers at the conference. These interactions have given me a deeper understanding of the field and the potential for my own research. It was truly an unforgettable experience and a wonderful opportunity and I am confident that it will have a lasting impact on my career.