Kuwait STEM Grad Cohort First Workshop

On December 7th 2019, the 1st STEM Grad Cohort Workshop was conducted at American University, Kuwait (AUK), led by Dr Zainab AlMeraj, Assistant Professor, Kuwait University. The attendees were graduates or senior undergraduate female student in computing, engineering or scientific-related studies, who were interested in interacting with other successful women in the STEM field. The objective was to provide advice on topics such as

  • how to do exploratory research to find a research topic that inspires passion
  • how to successfully prepare for an interview
  • how to write a professional resume

The program was introduced by Dr AlMeraj, followed by an inspiring presentation by Dr Fatima Boujarwah, “Find Your Passion for Research and Career”. Dr Fatima led the students in handicraft exercises that helped the students begin the realization of their passion for STEM. Dr Boujarwah was followed by Dr Reem AlBaghli and Eng. Dana Winner, who co-presented localized advice regarding Job Interviews. The Job Interview presentation team provided advice from experts and from personal experience regarding how to prepare, how to dress, how to respond, and how to follow-up the interview. In the final session of the day the volunteers provided one-on-one review and advice regarding the attendees’ C.V.s.  

Almost 65% of the Cohort registrants were aged 21-25, 25% were 26-40 and 23% were 18-20 years of age. The registrants’ areas of study were Engineering (51%), Sciences (20%) and Technology (19%). The response to the workshop was enthusiastic. Both attendees and leaders of the Cohort Workshop look forward to the next event. The second workshop focusing on job interview skills and C.V. building will be a parallel session at the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference in Kuwait on March 18th.

Written by:
Dana Winner
Grad Cohort Kuwait volunteering expert member
IS and Cyber Security Professional