ACM-W Scholarship for Attendance of Research Conferences Winners

The ACM-W Scholarship for Attendance of Research Conferences program provides support for women students in Computer Science and related programs who wish to attend research conferences. The student does not have to present a paper at the conference to be eligible for a scholarship. The scholarship exposes students to prominent researchers in their field, introduces students to new research, and excites them about doing research by themselves.

Applications are evaluated at 6 occasions each year, to distribute awards across a range of conferences, with usually 3-6 awards given for each group of applications. We ask students to share with us some of their thoughts on the conference they attend, preferably with a picture, so that we can show our readers and funders the diversity of our winners. The ACM Scholarships are made possible due to the generous support of Microsoft, Google and Oracle.

This month we have a big crop of winners, twelve in fact. Seven of them are undergraduate students. They are Hareem-E-Sahar (University of Alberta, CA), Varnika Kairon (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, India),  Aleksandra Koralczyk (Lodz University of Technology, Poland), RutujaTaware (Pune Institute Of Computer Technology, India), Lavinia Paganini (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil), Jaelle Scheurman (Tulane University, USA) and Ruba Abu-Salma (University College London, UK). The five graduate students are: Belgica  Valencia (CETYS University, Mexico), Maria Lydia Fioravanti (University of São Paulo, Brazil), Micol Spitale (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Jingmei Hu (Harvard, USA),  and Anna Werner (LMU Munich, Germany).

We heartily congratulate all our winners and  hope they will be able to use their Scholarships! Given the current situation with the Coronavirus, travelling seems more complicated than ever!

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