Sarah Brockman

This December, I was given the opportunity to attend NeurIPS 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Not only did I have the chance to attend a wide range of talks by machine learning experts in industry and academia, I had the privilege of presenting the paper I co-authored at one of the poster sessions. This was my first-ever experience presenting at a poster session, and I loved every second. It was great to speak with other researchers about my work and get feedback in person, as well as listen and respond to interesting questions about the paper I had not previously considered.

Throughout the conference, I had several exciting conversations with fellow researchers about their work as well as my own. I was introduced to so much research I had no idea was going on (including some stuff I’ve briefly thought about before and wondered if anyone was working on it!) I discovered numerous papers that I look forward to reading after speaking to their authors.

Overall, it was great to spend the week with machine learning researchers from all over the world who are very passionate and driven about their work. It was very inspiring and the conference left me with a new excitement toward my work. Thank you for the opportunity ACM!!