Joanna Misztal

As I am a Master’s student, the ICCC conference in Ljubljana was the first scientific
conference I have attended. I was presenting there an article which is a part of my Master’s Thesis – “Poetry generation system with an emotional personality”. I felt stressed before my talk as I had never performed in front of such a numerous, international audience. Finally, I think that my presentation was quite successful as several people got interested in my research. After the presentations we were talking about a possible cooperation and how we could combine our approaches to create a new system.

Some of the papers presented during the conference I found really interesting. It was great to talk to the authors and ask them questions or give some suggestions about their future work. I got really interested in some of the projects. After the conference I was talking to some researchers from Goldsmiths University of London and possibly I will visit their university to see what there are working on and start a future collaboration.

The participants of the conference were very friendly and open-minded people, many of
whom I would like to keep in touch with. It was great to spend time in such an international group.

Summing up, I am really happy to have attended the ICCC conference and I feel excited by the opportunities of future research and collaboration that it has created for me.