Buddhiprabha Erabadda

The Fourth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications was held at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovations, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 18-20 March as part of The Second World Congress on Computing and Information Technology. I participated for the conference and it was a very valuable opportunity for me.

I got registered for the conference on 18th March and attended the conference. The first keynote speaker for the first day was Prof. Katrin Franke. The title of the presentation was “Big Data and Forensics” where she talked about Forensics Science. The topic was very interesting and although I was aware about crime analysis using IT, this was the first time I got to know that it is a separate research area with so much of research opportunities. Following that presentation, another keynote presentation and parallel sessions by authors of the research papers.

The second day was the most important to me as I presented my research paper on the day. The title of the paper was “Cloud To Cloud (Enabling Content Transfer among personal cloud instances)”. I presented my research paper to the audience and explained the project. The paper is now available at SDIWC Digital Library. This paper published at ICDIPC 2014 is my first publication and that was an important event to me.

I gathered knowledge from this conference and presented my research work to the international community for the first time. This marked an important milestone in my life.