Angelica Rosenzweig

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend SIGCHI 2013 and meet as many great people as I did. The conference provided an incredible space for discussion and networking, and it was truly inspiring to be surrounded by so many passionate and brilliant individuals. I was particularly surprised at how open everybody was. For example, I ran into Bill Buxton briefly and he chatted with me and provided great advise to go out there and meet others in the field. On a similar vein, the Women’s breakfast was a lot of fun, but also provided me the opportunity to hear testimonials from successful women in the field and get to know some of the women present. I also got the chance to speak one-to-one with Yvonne Rogers about some of my interests in the field (particularly ubiquitous computing). The paper presentations and design exhibitions were really fun and interesting as well, including the opening keynote session. What I enjoyed most was being surrounded by people who are passionate about the field of HCI and who want to create better technology that can truly enhance or improve people’s lives in creative ways. I loved that people from various disciplines were coming together to learn about each other, including academia and industry, and how it felt like being part of a HCI family. The conference helped me think about new uses of technology, and broadened my perspective as an Interaction Designer and User Experience Researcher.