Virginia Grande

I attended CHI2013 in Paris because I wanted to see if it would be a good idea to focus my career on Human Computer Interaction (HCI). My background is in Computer Science and my degree does not include courses on HCI but I have done some research on my own and was deeply interested.

CHI2013 was the perfect opportunity to see how the HCI research world is. I saw a lot of very interesting and inspirational projects (as well as people) and took some courses that greatly increased my knowledge on the field. The instructors kindly answered all my questions and provided me with a lot of information that I could check later. This has been extremely useful.

All of these facts have allowed me to do some research on what my future career options are, so I could say that CHI2013 has been a life changing eye opening event. I am looking forward to attend this and more conferences in the near future, since I believe each of them would be a fruitful experience both professionally and personally.