Veronika Cheplygina

Thank you for the opportunity that your organization provided for me to attend Multiple Classifier Systems 2013. I had interesting discussions about my work on Multiple Instance Learning and its connection with ensemble classifiers, and I received some new ideas on how to improve the work done in the paper. I am planning to extend the conference paper into a journal paper and incorporate the ideas from the conference. Conversely, I hope that the other researchers will be able to benefit from my suggestions about their work.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed was that this was the first repeat edition of a conference for me, as I attended MCS in 2011. It was great to see the core of the research community once again, as well as meet the new researchers joining the field. I think that experiencing such developments in the community and in the research topics and is a good way to learn more about working in academia in general, and can motivate students such as myself to pursue an academic career.