Jessica Cauchard

I presented my work on underwater projection systems at the CHI workshop “Displays Take New Shape”. The workshop had a lot of attendants and my work was very well received. Participants gave me interesting feedback as well as comments on how to pursue this work. I had a chance to network with senior researchers in my field that I have met during this workshop and that I probably would not have been introduced to otherwise. Those researchers gave me advice on my research and also career advice for after the PhD.

The main conference was divided in many events including paper presentations, demos, videos and panels. I was inspired by the paper presentations and demos, and attending gave me opportunity to position my work compare to the other researchers and to develop additional ideas for my future work to focus on. I also had the opportunity to meet several researchers and recruiters from industry who currently have opened positions. Finally, I attended the Women at CHI breakfast that gave me a better perspective of women’s experience in my research community.