Ioana Cristescu

  • PHD Student
    Universite Paris 7 Paris Diderot, France
    Attended CONCUR 2013
    2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I attended the CONCUR 2013 conference at Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the 26-30th of August 2013. In the following I will try to summarize all that I gained from this experience.

CONCUR is the only conference of the year that focuses on concurrency in theoretical computer science, my current eld of work.
I am a fi rst year PhD student, it was therefore the rst time that I had the opportunity to listen to talks about state-of-the-art research given by renowned professors in the domain.

In my laboratory we are few to work in concurrency, and therefore I have been exposed only to some subjects in concurrency. The conference helped me see the different directions that research has taken and I gained a more global understanding of the domain.

Even more rewarding were the talks directly related to my work. After the talks I introduce myself to the researchers and talked with them about my work and how it relates to theirs. It was very motivating for me to see that other people are working on related subjects to mine. The offline talks, I think were not only very helpful to my current work but I hope also for my future career in research.

The trip to Buenos Aires also benefited me apart from the conference. Thanks to one of my professors in Paris I also visited a research laboratory at the university of Buenos Aires where I presented my work.

I would like to conclude by thanking you and the ACM-Women committee for this scholarship and for enabling me to participate at a truly enriching experience that I would not have been able to attend otherwise.