Zeineb Chelly

I am very pleased to have attended the GECCO’2014 as it had a crucial role in my learning area. The event was an incredible success in which I had the opportunity to tell more about my research and to attend other constructive presentations. This was a real inspiration for my work. Indeed, I have got valuable feedbacks, interesting comments and questions about what I am currently doing in my PhD work. Based on these, I can better present my work now and extend it. I had, also, the chance to have some new contacts opening the gate to new collaborations and that was exciting for me as well.

I had, also, the opportunity to participate as a volunteer student at the registration desk. This useful experience helped me to meet and socialize with so many people from different places and particularly to be closer to researchers, learn and share.

Among the most interesting sessions at GECCO’2014 was the Women@GECCO session. Being a member in the Women@GECCO session was a tremendous experience. This project gave me more confidence to share my research ideas and to raise awareness of the importance of women being in the computing profession. As part of the Women@GECCO group, I had the pleasure to discuss several topics with other women and I did notice that we share multiple points. Participants came from all over the world, but at Women@GECCO we felt as we were forming one team; one family.

This conference was exactly as I expected it; and even better. It was such an inspiring event.

Many heartfelt thanks to ACM-W for giving me this opportunity. Thank you!