Rachel Harsley

  • PHD Student
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    Attended SIGCSE 2017
    2017, Seattle, Washington, United States

Though two thousand miles away from Chicago, I felt right at home at SIGCSE 2017. I found time with the Computer Science Education community to be both refreshing and enlightening. Moreover, it was such an awesome experience to have my paper selected as an “Exemplary Paper” for the conference. At the conference, I was able to learn about new research inCSE and meet with educators and researchers from around the country. By far, this was the largest crowd for which I have presented my research. There were over 120 people in attendance for my session. However, beyond the size, I was truly inspired by the genuine interest in my work and the questions and follow-up discussions that ensued after my talk. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to share my work and to add value to the research community at large. I’m very grateful for the support I received from ACM-W in order to make this experience possible.