Monika Santra

  • MS Student
    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    Attended IEEE TrustCom 2017
    2017, Sidney, Australia

As IEEE TrustCom 2017 is a very high-rated, tier-1, international conference, many worldwide famous keynote speakers were there to show their work and experience with us. All of the keynote speeches were very interesting, but I especially found keynote- 1 i.e. “Beyond the trusted platform: a hybrid approach to the challenge of securing the user” very interesting as this keynote speech was in my research area only. In this keynote, I learned about many real world challenges of delivering trusted products. I also got an idea of how to make them more flexible and independent as this is still an issue in my research area. Other than that I also got knowledge in the different emerging fields of computer science like IoT, embedded system, etc. Several high-quality papers presented at the conference gave me the better ideas about how to proceed with my work. One of them especially being the paper named “Exploring granular flow integrity for interconnected trusted platforms” by Adrian L. Shaw and Hamza Attak. From this talk, I learned most of the disadvantages of the TPM and how to overcome these challenges. Now, I got a couple of ideas to incorporate into my work and enhance the quality of my research. From another paper named “Secure FPGA as a Service – Towards Secure Data Processing by Physicalizing the Cloud Mark” by A. Will and Ryan K. L. Ko gave some idea on how to eliminate all the disadvantages of TPM. Overall, I gained lots of knowledge in the security research field which is going all over the world.

Response to my paper presentation from the participants was also excellent. I was asked few general queries after my briefing by the members and session chairs. Some of these questions include: (i) what to do whenever switching the modes in the different phases, (ii) what are the underlying assumptions of your research, (iii) trust issue of the TPM devices, etc. I have successfully answered all questions. We have also submitted our paper for possible inclusion in recommended SCI journals. I have also met one of the chairpersons named Priyadarshini Nanda who is also working in the same field as mine. We had a fruitful discussion on my research. I got many ideas from such an experienced person in the area of security.