Melina Mongiovi

I’m a PhD student and it was my second time at SPLASH. I attended the full conference and presented my work in the Doctoral Symposium. I also had a paper accepted at GPCE, a co-located event of SPLASH. Moreover, I was a student volunteer of the conference. My experience was fantastic. I presented my work in the third day of the conference and received a number of relevant comments to improve it. During the conference I attended a number of presentations related to my work. I learned from others and improved my own skills and knowledge about my field. I was engaged with some works and I made some questions. Also, this conference allowed me to meet, interact, and network to leading researchers (both academic and industry). Such interactions helped me to shape the research direction. I took the pulse of what is happening for tools, technologies, and processes, and hear ideas we weren’t aware of. Finally, being a student volunteer was a great way to meet other students from all over the world that share interest for software engineering and to offset some of my costs of the conference.