Kim-Anh Tran

The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) is a prestigious conference in the field of compilers. It brings together compiler practitioners and researchers, but also computer architects and software architects. It was co-located with other conferences (CC, HPCA, PPoPP), which allowed for a diverse mixture of topics, workshops, posters and talks. It was great to be able to switch in between the different tracks of all conferences, and, among others, I got to listen to presentations about in-memory computation (computation in caches), optimization of binaries for small instruction caches, and the automatic generation of conditions for ensuring correctness in parallel loops. This was also the first time for me to present my paper. It was a great experience, especially since a few people in the audience approached me after my presentation to ask further questions or to discuss related work. By presenting my work, and meeting and socializing with other PhD students and researchers from both academia and industry I learnt a lot about related ongoing work and got inspired for future projects.