Joanna Konopko

  • PHD Student
    Warsaw University of Technology
    Attended ICCMSE 2015
    2015, Athens, Greece

Attending the conference was a very valuable experience that greatly enriched and strengthened the existing achievements of the research. The four 30 minutes presentations was given at the General IX Session of the ICCMSE’2015 Conference. I was a chair of the General IX Session that lasted more than two hours.
The title of presented scientific papers:
“Future Evolution of Distributed Systems for Smart Grid – the Challenges and Opportunities to Using Decentralized Energy System”
“A Petri Net Model for Distributed Energy System”
“Distributed and Parallel Approach for Handle and Perform Huge Datasets”
“Unlocking the Potential of the Smart Grid”
More than 150 participants representing electric utilities, federal and state government agencies, equipment manufacturers, vendors, universities, and national laboratories attended and contributed their experiences, perspectives, and insights. During all presentations a constructive feedback was received back from the audience. Among the critical comments the following three were predominantly discussed:
In 1st presentation in future forecast I haven’t included a nuclear energy – because due to changes in the economic and political situation in Poland after 1989, as well as public protests in the late 1980s and early ’90s which escalated in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster, the construction of nuclear power plant was cancelled. There is a possibility that in the future at least one nuclear power plant in Poland will be constructed and this information could be included in the forecast.
In 2nd presentation a Petri Net model was illustrated in pictures but the module of smart grid are not dynamically – the flow of tokens is not clearly, so I should include some of the video presented how the tokens were moved between the modules.
In 4th presentation, the number of electric vehicles should be divided by 4 or 40. Also the weather data should be divided between data generated by solar system panels, wind turbines etc.
I have also networked with a number of conference attendants in an attempt to attract the interest to links between natural sciences and information theory and in a number of cases I have observed great enthusiasm and the willingness to collaborate around this domain.
I have received an invitation to attend at The Prague Embedded Systems Workshop organised by Doctor Petr Fiser at Czech Technical University in Prague.