Jazette Johnson

  • MS Student
    Vanderbilt University
    Attended ASSETS
    2017, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

ASSETS allowed me to see how my research interests work together to create the bigger field of accessibility. At ASSETS, I was able to accomplish my goals of 1) understanding accessibility on a larger scale, 2) extend my network of people who work in similar and very interesting areas, and 3) learn something new about a subarea I have never looked into and learn something new about my current subarea. During the conference, I volunteered to be a student volunteer because it allowed me to interact with different people within the community and allowed me to establish new connects in the field. During ASSETS, many colleagues expressed interest in developing technology for elderly with mild cognitive impairments, which has been a focus I wanted to explore deeper since my undergraduate career. Around that time, I never seen many people conducting research in that area. I left ASSETS motivated about the future possibilities of my career decisions.