Irene Wang

I had the opportunity to attend ISCA 2022 in New York this summer, and I feel very thankful and fortunate for this experience. This was not only my first time attending a conference, but I was also part of the organizing committee for the uArch workshop at the conference.

The uArch workshop aims to introduce undergraduate and early Master’s students to research and career opportunities in the field of computer architecture. This year, uArch was able to fund around 100 students to attend ISCA in person or virtually. The full-day workshop consisted of two keynote sessions, several panels on topics around life in graduate school, and a mentoring session that allowed students to network with professors in the field. As one of the workshop organizers, I am grateful to have been able to attend the workshop in person and connect with the group of amazing students.

In addition, ISCA 2022 was also my first experience attending a scientific conference. I was able to benefit a lot from both the uArch workshop and the main conference sessions. The keynotes and paper sessions at ISCA gave me insights into the state-of-the-art techniques, research interests, and challenges in the field of computer architecture. I also had the chance to connect with professors, graduate students, and professionals working in the industry. Overall, my ISCA experience introduced me to various research topics in the field of computer architecture that I was not familiar with before attending the conference and it helped me gain valuable advice regarding research in general and possible career paths after my undergraduate degree.

I would like to thank ACM-W for giving me the opportunity to attend ISCA this year. It was a truly educational and memorable experience.