Hanieh Javadi Khasraghi

I attended the annual conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP2016) in Texas, Austin this year. The experience was very rewarding. I have been working on crowdsourcing for about five years, but I did not have chance to attend any conference and meet other people who work on this awesome area. HCOMP 2016 was my first conference that I attended and I will never forget the experience that I gained in the conference. Receiving scholarship from ACM to attend the conference helped me to talk and network with other researchers and PhD students around the world who work on crowdsourcing. Their presentations were so interesting and sparked new ideas in my mind and helped me to learn how to do research in crowdsourcing. I also got the chance to talk with practitioners in crowdsourcing field who gave me some rewarding ideas and research problems that they are interested to be solved in this area. After coming back from this conference I felt more enthusiastic to start my dissertation and work hard on my research to submit a paper to HCOMP 2017 and also other conferences related to crowdsourcing. I again thank ACM-W scholarship committee who granted me the funding for my travel expenses. Without the ACM-W scholarship I would not be able to attend HCOMP 2016. I wish other associations also support and advocate engagement of women in research as well.