Gloria Leticia

ACM Grants Committee.
Dear Members of the Committee:

I want to thanks for the help for to attend at the IEEE 21st. Robert Weiner Century congress realized in Boston.

It was an excellent experience, because I was able to converse with others research students in areas related to my thesis topic. I also met researchers (Ph. D) on topics of interest to teachers within my area of research and it was very nice to talk about my future plans about my research.

Also I like is that, I realized that many people are in the community of fuzzy logic (which is the topic I research) could also realize that this area is huge and I observed many research papers during the congress.

It is important to mention that I had the oportunity of visit diferent places in that country. Thank you very much again for the support.


MCC. Gloria Leticia Amador Angulo
PhD Student in Computer Science
Tijuana, Mexico.