Elaine Wah

Attending the 15th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation was both an educational and stimulating experience. It gave me the opportunity to present a poster on one of my current ongoing projects (I received notification of the ACM-W scholarship award just prior the poster submission deadline, and as such submitted an abstract for a poster). During the poster session on June 10, 2014, I presented my current project to an external audience for the first time, sharing some of my preliminary findings, answering questions, and engaging in conversations about related research problems.

At ACM EC ’14, I also learned about current research in the economics/CS community through presentations and interactions with other researchers. I attended some very interesting talks, and I enjoyed one on “The Wisdom Smaller, Smarter Crowds” in particular, as it was an empirical paper that also included theoretical results. I reconnected with faculty and students I met at ACM EC last year, sharing updates about each other’s progress and current projects. I also met many other researchers for the first time, and after exchanging contact information at the conference, we’ve kept in touch post-EC to discuss our common research interests.